Poetry and Writing:

*...The Mirror...* 

(Listen to L'Ultimo Re by Andrea Bocelli as you read this)

"One day I looked up from the dusty, black laptop on the table in front of me, past the open white cup of tea, that had clouds of steam rising from the edges where a strand from a tea bag hung over the lip and draped down in a small twisting pattern, like a well used rope for a climber on a marble mountain side. I peered through the crowd and noise of the quaint little coffee shop, the chatter of people talking about their days, was like a slight distraction, and everywhere the color of different shapes and sizes of cups, and people young and old, all seemed to call out to my senses. I looked up pensively, yet somehow drawn to something. My eyes looked over and upwards to another table. Behind this rickety, worn in table, sat the most beautiful girl in the world... 

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*...A-holes and Victims...* 

 (Some creative writing, and purely fictitious)...Let's say hypothetically there were people who worked at job X (we will call them Allan and Andy Hole or the A Holes for short). Someone else works at job X (we will call him Victor Tim, or the Victim for short).

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